At Takapuna Physiotherapy, we have incorporated the use of Pilates in our rehabilitation of painful conditions and injuries. Pilates aims to improve the way that the muscular system works by retraining weak muscles and teaching the body to work to the best of its ability. It focuses on the control centre of the core muscles – the abdominals, gluteal muscles and back muscles – to achieve balance and strength. The goal is to get these stabilising core muscles working unconsciously and this is achieved by a progression of specific exercises led by one of our physiotherapists.

Initially, your physiotherapist may introduce you to the basic principles of Pilates and show you how to activate the correct muscles – often by different verbal cues which will make it easier for you to visualise the movements needed. When you are ready, you can progress these exercises, either under the instruction of your physiotherapist in the clinic, or at home with exercises prescribed by your physiotherapist.


Bookings are essential and can be made by contacting Takapuna Physiotherapy reception.