At Takapuna Physiotherapy, we have a dedicated team of massage therapists who are passionate about the benefits of massage therapy. During, or at the end of your physiotherapy sessions, your physiotherapist may suggest continuing on a regular basis with one of our massage therapists. Conversely, your massage therapist may suggest a consultation with one of our physiotherapists if they feel that you may benefit from our expertise.

All of our massage therapists are highly trained and experienced, as you can see in their staff profiles. They offer therapeutic, relaxation and sports massage. Lymphatic drainage massage, which may reduce excess fluid and swelling, is also offered by one of our massage therapists.

Current scientific research provides evidence that both supports and explains the beneficial effects of massage in the treatment of soft tissue injuries. It is beneficial in relieving muscle tension, improving the alignment and movement of fascia, and improving blood flow. It may help to improve quality of life, sleep, depression and anxiety. It can help to relieve the stresses of everyday life and related conditions, as well as helping to maximize sports performance if that is your goal.