Bobby Dosanjh – Physiotherapist

Bobby comes from a strong background in exercise, rehab and nutrition, having sparked an interest in physiotherapy after experiencing severe shoulder injuries in the gym while undergoing significant weight loss. He graduated from AUT in 2015.

Bobby has a strong belief in looking at the whole body and working alongside his patients to develop strategies for long-term solutions for their issues. Particularly, this has led to a great track record in the management of chronic low back patients. Having done several courses in advanced dry needling, this has allowed Bobby to provide his patient’s an alternative and effective treatment modality to help relieve client’s of stubborn musculoskeletal pain.

In particular, Bobby has a large amount of experience and passion for treating MMA fighters and boxers, having been involved in physiotherapy for two combat gyms; from helping fighters overcome last minute injuries in preparations for their fights to assisting and supporting in large-scale fight events.

Outside of physiotherapy, Bobby enjoys maintaining a healthy lifestyle of hiking, boxing, gym and weekly poker games